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DJI Drones such as this Phantom have now been "outlawed" by the US Military!
According to the United States Military and the Pentagon, the USA's armed forces have banned all use of DJI drones and other equipment citing security concerns. This has come out of nowhere and has US troops all around the world boxing up their DJI drones, cameras and other accessories. The main reason is "security issues", citing that the DJI company is not taking secure enough measures to protect data, etc... This is a very interesting development as many militaries around the world often follows the US military's reactions to matters such as these (especially NATO and other allied countries) so it will be very interesting to see what will happen in the next few months. As of this moment, the Canadian Forces have not taken the same measure, so if you are a Canadian soldier, you can keep using your Phantom, etc... What do you think of this story? Comment below!
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